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Hugh Young was born in Christchurch and hated history at high school. He graduated in zoology and worked as a journalist and broadcaster in Christchurch, Auckland, Whangarei, Honiara (Solomon Islands), Gisborne, Napier and Wellington. He has written a dictionary of Solomon Islands Pijin and recorded one of Maori placename pronunciations (Ngä Ingoa o Aotearoa, on six cassettes from Replay Radio, Freepost 4000, PO Box 123, Wellington, ph 0800-REPLAY).

He took an interest in men from the age of six, but it was the Homosexual Law Reform campaign of 1985-6 that finally brought him Out. His gay historical radio documentaries have been broadcast across the United States and Europe. He lives alone on a cliff with a spectacular view of Kapiti and sometimes Ruapehu and/or Taranaki. He is currently writing "Queer Walks of Wellington: an historical guide" with Alison J. Laurie. He has no time for cats.

Talented, handsome and self-effacing, he needs employment to help him maintain his extravagant lifestyle. You can email him with job-offers and gifts of money, or visit his website to learn more about this fascinating and attractive man.


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